Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lord of the Rings online MMORPG

I have been playing the MMORPG Lord of the Rings for the last month. I love this game. I get to play an archer. My name on the game is Nicdragon. I am an Elf Hunter. I get to shoot arrows and fight monsters. I also am a farmer so I grow things. I can collect wood and make bows and other wooden weapons.

I get to play with my mom and dad. They help me read and sometimes even let me play Lord of the Rings by myself when the monsters are not too strong. They help me the rest of the time, but I am getting better at playing it on my own. I can do skirmish’s now that I am over level 20, but my dad usually does them and I get to do the attacks and he moves my person. We work together, and that is fun.

I like the fire oils. They let me shoot flaming arrows. They look cool. I grow things as a farmer that helps my mom. She is a cook and makes special food that gives me extra power and stuff.

I really like fighting the monsters. I only like doing the quests a little bit, they take time. I like that I can pick the things that I use, like weapons. I just like playing this game. It is fun and free.

If you decide to try Lord of the Rings please use my Dad as your referral, Fenwolf1978. If you do I get something called turbine points that I can use in the game to buy things. They let me play more areas and quests, or I can use them for more storage space, clothing or even a house. They are useful and make the game more fun. My mom and dad said that the game is for older kids unless they are playing with their parents. Some days it is hard to get my turn on the game. My mom and dad both play it, and it can be hard to get them off the computer so I get my half hour of game.

If you are playing Lord of the Rings please look me or my dad up and we can become friends and work together on some things. We can do fellowships, working together to complete a task or quest. There are kinships but I am not part of one. They are groups of people who work together and help each other out. My family just likes playing, and we help anyone and everyone do quests and tasks. Mom is not good at fighting in a group so Dad and I do that. Mom likes doing tasks and finding things so she does a lot of that. It is funny watching her try to fight in a group. She usually asks us to take over after a few minutes.

I think it would be more fun if we all had our own accounts and could play together at the same time but my mom and dad said that would be bad. We play too much as it is with us each taking turns with our different characters. It would be too hard to stop playing if we could all play at the same time. Also they said that it is easier to help me by sitting with me, not playing on another computer. I wish they would let me play more, but I only get a half hour. Sometimes they let me play an hour but not usually.

Ultra Rare Active-Camo Covenant Elite from the authentic collector’s series from Mega Bloks mystery bag

Today when I was out with my family we went to Wal-Mart and I got to pick out a treat. I picked a Halo the authentic collector’s series from Mega Bloks mystery bag. I got the Ultra Rare Active-Camo Covenant Elite. It is a really special one and it was my first time every getting the Mega Bloks mystery bag for Halo.

I like playing Halo. I like my Mega Bloks figure and I cannot wait to play with it with my Lego.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Jedi Kids Video

The Jedi Kids was created to allow Young Jedi and their parents a place to talk and play. To ensure a safe environment for Kids to enjoy the Star Wars Universe and meet other kids to work together on all the team based content of the game. Any one allied with the Republic and 17 and under can join.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO

I like this game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, because I can do close combat as a Jedi. And I can use throw lightsaber to stop my enemies. And I can do force jump to get closer to the enemy. We can play with other kids around the world. I have started a guild for kids and their parents so we have a safe place and safe people to play with. My guild is called The Jedi Kids. In the Jedi Kids we all work together on a team. If you are a kid who wants to play please have your parents apply to my guild so we can play online together. Please watch the videos to see what the game is all about.

Learn more at the SW: TOR Wiki

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some of my favorite websites to play games on.

All the websites have free online games. I only get to play the games my mom checks out and tells me its ok. There are a lot of games on these websites I would like to play but she said no.

Friv - I don’t play all the games because some are not appropriate. I am not allowed to play them. I like to play Armor Mayhem . It is a shooting game but there is no blood so I can play it. Sometimes I play some of the other games on this site. There are a lot of games to play.

Lego I like playing the Lego games online and on the Wii.

Star Wars games . I love playing Star Wars games.

Dragon Games. There are a couple of websites with dragon games I like to play.

I like Halo games but my Mom does not let me play them very often.

I like to play archery games but again my Mom only lets me play some of them. She does not like most of them, but I do.

Ben 10 games are fun.

Build a Bear’s Bearville I can play any time and it is fun.

Underwater games are fun. I like sharks.

I like Spectrobes Origins for the Wii

I like Spectrobes Origins for the Wii because at a certain part of the game you can ride on them. You get cool monsters to battle and search with. I have been playing Spectrobes Origins for a week. I got to the second planet today and I got to fight tons of Krawl. I can name my creatures. I like finding minerals and fossils. I like feeding my Spectrobes the minerals. I like this game.